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Welcome to my website about RC modeling and electronics.


Building my own projects the Internet has always been the first (and mostly sole) source of information on a wide range of topics. Without these informations, most things would not have been possible to me.


Therefore I would like to make a contribution to this info pool at this point as well. I would be glad, if I could help you with a tip or a handicraft suggestion.


The contents published here are based on my own experiences or ideas and have been tried and tested in practice. As far as I have taken up the projects or ideas of other poeple or was inspired by them, I always have tried to provide the relevant informations.


So - you are welcome to adopt all the informations and ideas provided here under the following licence:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany License.


Last but not least:

Please excuse my poor English! It's hard for me to translate the pages and I must confess that I'm a passionate user of google translator and leo.org. I know that this doesn't tends to result in perfect spelling and grammar. Therefore I would be satisfied if the contents be comprehensible to you.


Dirk Wiedemann, Februar 2018