Pinching gimbals

When delivered, both gimbals of the X-Lite are centered with a return spring. If you prefer a conventional throttle lever left (mode 2) or right (mode 4), you can easily adjust this on the back of the transmitter without opening the case. For this purpose, two grub screws are carefully screwed into the case of the corresponding gimbal, one of which releases the spring force and the other brakes the lever with adjustable force.

A smart idea that worked well too.

Unfortunately only once ...


The problem


Already after I had loosened these screws for the first time and wanted to screw them in later, the longer screw for the spring force has pushed past the side of the gimbal and stood completely crookedly in the thread - as can be clearly seen on the adjacent photo of the opened case.

Unfortunately, she could not be unscrewed because she turned blind in her thread.


In the left picture you can see in the area marked with a yellow circle very clear the black lever with the pressure point provided for the screw.

You can also see the traces left by the grub screw when it was looking for a way to the right of the lever.

The result was an unusable gimbal that alternately clicked and jammed.



The solution

The solution is simple, but requires careful opening of the case.

It is sufficient to remove the corresponding return spring at the other end of the corresponding metal lever and completely omit the longer grub screw.

The braking function by the shorter grub screw remains unaffected and works as before.