32 channels: installation of a XJT module

With a FrSky XJT module, the Taranis X9e can be upgraded up to 32 channels. However, there is a mechanical hurdle to take, since the module bay is not accessible from the outside of the radiohousing and the antenna of the module must therefore be relocated.
In addition to the XJT module, this requires a 15 to 20 cm long antenna cable, which is provided at one end with a RP-SMA screw-in socket (female) and the other end is provided without plug for direct soldering.

When using the external XJT module in addition to the internal module, it is not possible to use FrSky telemetry as far as I know. All receivers must be bound without telemetry.

1st step

First, remove the two screws that can be seen to the left and right of the antenna base of the module. Then you can carefully open the housing of the module and take out the board, which is soldered  to the short antenna cable of the cover.

The picture on the left shows the module board with the housing cover and the new antenna cable.


2nd step

Now you have to carefully unsolder the old antenna cable from the board. In this case, you have to take special care not to damage the solder pad for the inner conductor of the cable with the soldered cable or even tear off the board.

Then the new cable with conductor and shield is soldered in the same position. Again, you must be very careful and at the same time make sure that no short circuit between the conductor and shielding arises.


3rd step

Now cut an opening in the wall of the module housing and then fix the module board and the antenna cable with a little hot glue in the housing.

(In the picture on the left, the cable is led downwards out of the case, which I changed later as shown on the last picture to relieve the short cable)


4th step

Insert the module and screw the antenna base into the existing opening at the top of the transmitter housing.

Finally, unscrew the antenna and put both microswitches on the module for the D16 mode in the "off" position.


This completes the installation and the module can be used immediately as an external transmitter module for additional X Series receivers.