Taranis X9e Switch Board


The following information refers to the Switch Board Revision 0.5, which can be recognized by the adjacent printed circuit board

In the Taranis-E, the Switch Board is the board behind the small display with various slots for switches, potentiometers, etc. The accessibility of these slots is excellent. Because of using completely identical sockets for different types of input ports their arrangement is not apparent at first glance. A closer look at these ports is necessary before connecting other components ...


Port types

There are four different port types:

  • 4 universal analog ports, suitable for potentiometers, switches with resistors etc. (yellow)
  • 2 specialized analog ports, which can only be configured to the type "slider" (orange)
  • 16 digital ports with ground and twice +3.3 V, suitable for 2-stage switches, buttons, etc. (green)
  • 2 digital ports with ground and once +3.3 V, suitable for 1-level switches, push buttons, etc. (blue)

The color information refers to the representation of the port arrangement later on this page.

Connector style

The connector style is JST 2.0 PH in 2.0 mm pitch. The more commonly used connectors in 2.54 mm pitch do not fit here ...

Port naming

The designations printed on the board are the same as the names of the inputs in OpenTX except that the middle "W" is missing from all switchnames in the OpenTX (ie "SWA" is called "SA" only in OpenTX).

Port arrangement